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Because of the climate we live in, our homes are very efficiently built to keep out the cold and hold in the heat. Unfortunately, this comes with a price. Due to the lack of ventilation, especially in the winter, our homes become polluted with allergens, dust, bacteria, mould, viruses, and pet hair. Poor air quality poses a risk to our health and can trigger many allergies.

A proper air filtration system installed in your home can help relieve these negative effects and their causes. At Pro North Heating Inc, we have the experience and expertise to install a high-quality system for you. Call us today and we can give you the information and evaluate your needs to decide whether or not this air filtration system would be right for you.

Possible Options to Consider:

Below are some of the options to consider for air filters:

  • Hepa filter

  • Electronic air filter

  • Pleated air filter

Heat Recovery Ventilator (Air Movement)

Commonly called HRV or Air Exchanger, this unit can be installed as a separate system with its own independent ductwork, which consists of supply air from outdoors and exhaust air (commonly from bathrooms and kitchen) to the outdoors. The unit can also be installed in conjunction with the existing furnace ductwork.

The HRV constantly replaces the air in your home with fresh air from outdoors. This is an excellent way of removing odour and stuffy air from your home, improving air quality throughout, all year long.

Air Filtration Products

We carry the following brands:

Confused about Air Filter Options?

Visit us and we can suggest you the best air filter option that is ideal for your property.

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