Boiler Installation and In-Floor Heating Services

In-floor heating can make floors comfortable and warm during the chilling winter months. If you require in-floor heating services in the Peace River area, get in touch with the professionals at Pro North Heating Inc. We can also help you with boiler installations and provide maintenance services for various commercial heating systems.

What Is a Boiler and How Does It Work?

A boiler heats water to produce steam or hot water, which is directed through a network of piping, and provides comfortable heat throughout your building. Boilers come in many different sizes and efficiencies to serve a variety of purposes.

Our experienced technicians are able to measure, calculate with precision the most efficient and perfect-sized boiler for your space. We also have the experience to design and install even the most complicated systems, be it for your shop or bigger projects, like hotels, or to upgrade your existing system.

The boiler is generally installed in the mechanical room and the piping system distributed throughout the building for heat distribution via radiant tube fins. The temperature is adjusted by a thermostat.

Benefits of a Boiler System

A boiler is the most versatile all-in-one heating system and is capable of the following:

  • Heat for your space via radiant tube fins

  • In-floor heat for wood, concrete, or tile

  • Forced air coil with ductwork to provide hot air circulation with the option to install central air conditioning

  • Replaces a water heater via indirect coil

Improper installation of a boiler is extremely dangerous and can result in serious injury and major damage. It is therefore imperative that the installation is performed by highly trained and certified professionals.

Boiler Maintenance

It is important to have your boiler inspected and serviced by a qualified boiler technician.

Installation of non-toxic glycol to prevent freezing in unconditioned spaces as well as checking PH levels is important to extend pump and control lifetime. A great way to keep water clean is a high-temperature boiler filter.

We assure you that at Pro North Heating Inc, we have qualified and licensed technicians to take care of your boiler design and installation. Call us for more information or a quote today!

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Need to Install a New Boiler?

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