Single Stage Furnace

These furnaces are 95 to 96% efficient. Single stage furnaces fire at a fixed BTU rate and are available with a two speed fan motor or variable speed modulating ECM (DC voltage) motor.

Two Stage Furnace

These furnaces are 95 to 97 % efficient. Two stage furnaces fire at two different BTU rates, referred to as single and second stage, offering greater gas savings, efficiency and room comfort (less temperature swings).

What Does Energy Efficiency Rating Mean?

Generally speaking, if a furnace is for example 95% efficient, 95% of the fuel used by the furnace is heat, while the other 5% goes out the vent.

If you consider upgrading your furnace, remember to take advantage of rebates available when you install a High Efficiency furnace.

UV Light

With your new furnace, you might also consider installing a UV Light (Ultraviolet Germicidal Light). A UV light is installed inside the ductwork of your heating system near the furnace. The light destroys microbial growth, which will give you cleaner and healthier air flow. It helps improve air quality, eliminates odours and cuts down on dust, and potentially reduces triggers for allergies or asthma.

Furnace Maintenance

lf your furnace breaks down frequently, it just doesn't seem to keep up the temperature or your gas bills are going up, it might be time to think about replacing your furnace before it breaks down completely and you are left with no heat in the middle of winter. It could save you money and hassle in the long run.

A Few Furnace Maintenance Tips

Change your air filter regularly, preferably on a monthly basis. This will improve air quality, furnace efficiency and will extend the life expectancy of the furnace. You should also have your furnace cleaned and serviced by a licensed gasfitter annually.

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