Efficient Heaters for Shops and Garages

Your Garage Is Also Part of Your Home

A garage can be so much more than a place to park your car. It can be a place for storage, your workshop, a place for friends to gather and where your pet can sleep comfortably. But only if it is heated!

Wouldn’t it be great not having to walk outside at minus 20 degrees to start your car, to save on gas because you don’t have to idle your vehicle before you go to work every morning, to pack that precious baby into a perfectly warm car before you go to do your errands or just quickly run to the store without having to think about starting your vehicle in advance?

Garage Heaters Are a No Hassle Installation

Because they are vented through the wall, they are easy to install and cost much less than conventional heating systems. Garage heaters operate quietly and contribute to heating rooms adjacent or above your garage.

Low Profile Heater: Perfect for Your Home

There are various brands and styles available, ranging from 30,000 to 400,000 BTU output. Our most popular unit for residential garages is a low profile unit heater which fits perfectly in low ceiling applications.

Radiant Tube Heater: Ideal for Your Business or Farm

Ideal for commercial, industrial and farm applications, the radiant tube heater provides perfect heat with quick recovery. It is also convenient for buildings with large overhead doors which require quick heat recovery to keep materials or equipment in the building at desired temperatures.

Shop Ventilation

The days of leaving the doors open to exhaust diesel, welding or gas exhaust are long gone. BC Building Codes and Regulations dictate ventilation codes which include certain air changes per hour. These are obtained via wall exhaust fans and intake louvers.

Our Pro North Heating specialists are highly trained in the design and proper installation of exhaust systems, to provide a safe and pleasant work area. We even specialize in sheet metal work in Fort St. John and surrounding areas.

Our Heating Systems

Whether you need a heater for your garage or shop, Pro North Heating is your answer. We are an authorized Superior Radiant dealer and offer a wide selection of heating products from brands such as Canarm and ADP.

For more information or to request a no obligation quote, call Pro North Heating today!

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